ANJAR 1939-2019: A FILM, A BOOK by Hossep Baboyan and Vartivar Jaklian

This is a project on Anjar, a small town of several thousand inhabitants which is located in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon. Anjar was conceived, designed and initial construction started in a very short time between the end of the 1930s and the beginning of the 1940s. Its population of Armenian majority, survivors of the Armenian Genocide originally from Musa Dagh — in present-day Turkey — built Anjar from scratch.

In collaboration with Anjar City Municipality, Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, the Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena, we are developing a documentary project on Anjar. Our aim is to create a documentary film and a book about its urban planning and architectural heritage. The film will be the outcome of editing several hours of footage taken over the past years. The book, on the other hand, will include over one hundred photographs, documenting the architecture of Anjar as well as many essays and drawings. This is an ambitious project unique not only for Anjar; few film-makers and photographers conceive such projects together at an early stage giving life to a multi-disciplinary documentary work, vast and complete in its genre.

The presentation will include a preview of the photographs to be exhibited in Anjar in September 2019 as well as an excerpt of the film.

Hossep Baboyan

Architect and film-maker, Baboyan was trained in Architecture and Fine Arts at the Institut des Beaux Arts in Beirut. He subsequently moved to Venice to continue his studies in architecture at IUAV Università where he specialised in documentary film-making under Professor Marco Bertozzi. Over the years he collaborated with Latcol Associates on several urban projects. He co-directed a film on Beverly Barkat and is currently working on the film about Anjar’s architecture and urban heritage.

Vartivar Jaklian

Architect and architectural photographer, Jaklian was trained as an at IUAV Università in Venice. In 2005 he started his practice with Professor M Carapetian co-founding Latcol Associates and in 2012 founded the architectural practice vartivarjaklian AAP. His interests include studies in urban analysis and architecture.

 Designer, architect and architectural photographer. Trained in Architecture and Fine Arts at the “Institut des Beaux Arts” in Beirut until 1999, Jaklian subsequently moved to Venice to continue his studies in architecture at IUAV Università. In 2005 he started his professional practice with Prof. Michael Carapetian with whom he co-founded “Latcol Associates“, a multidisciplinary office for architecture, planning and design. Among many architectural competitions, “Terrazze 2004″ and “Agrobiz 2008″ are first prize projects. He sits on several seminar panels: in 2007, on the first edition of an on-going seminar There is a Visitor # Uppsala – meeting place/workshop at Uppsala Art Museum. In 2008, he presented his article “Beirut, Ville de Guerre” for Zamân magazine at Paris Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art and later during the same year, Agrobiz project at Carleton University in Ottawa, during the ‘War and Architecture’ symposium; the first, about an alternative conception of time-space relationship of people living in periods of war, and the latter about a new sustainable community project for Yerevan, Armenia. The relationship between war and architecture will soon become a major interest; together with Prof. Roger Connah, he conducts an on-going research which addresses socio-territorial issues of “war-cities”, analysing different aspects and realities of such urban agglomerates. During these years, his passion for photography led him to work on several photography projects and commissions that encompass his interests in urban study and architecture. Among these, Oscar Niemeyer’s International Fair in Tripoli, Karm el Zeitoun Quarter in Beirut and Light in Venice photographic projects are worthy of mention. In 2012, he formed vartivar jaklian dpA, which engages with design, architecture and photography in the field of architecture. At present, he lives between Venice and Beirut from where he manages projects also in the Middle East.


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